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Panoramashots by John Widdall CPAGB Hon LCPU was originally about panorama photography… now much more.

Photography by Christine Widdall FBPE MPAGB EFIAP APAGB HonLCPU – showcases a mixture of landscape, nature and creative images.

Kirklees Cousins West Yorkshire Family History the history and genealogy of West Yorkshire by Christine Widdall.

A range of topics related to photography includes: Principles – noise in digital images, diffraction blur etc. and practical guides such as monitor profiling and comparison of image processing software.

John’s test cards for monitor adjustment – providing a quick and easy check.

An archive of photographs showing the restoration of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal in Saddleworth.

Christine says “I love to capture my beautiful local area of Saddleworth, especially its hills and waterways and, in recent years, I have added wildlife photography to my interests. 

In my creative work, I try to go beyond the objective recording of fact and to use self-expression to provide an interpretation of my subjects. I love experimenting to see what I can achieve with blends of images from different times and places.”

Kirklees Cousins is about the people of the woollen district of the West Riding of Yorkshire and examines their unique history. Its stories relate, not only to its central extended family, but to the history of all the people with ancestry in the area.

From the ancient Kingdom of Elmet to the Shoddy and Mungo trades, readers will also find wills, maps and resources for the genealogist as well and stories of Yorkshire and its Kirklees families.